Vcruntime140.dll is Missing From Your Computer [Wamp Fix]

WAMP is a very common and frequently-used application, which is abbreviated as Windows, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP. Basically, the application is well used by IT professionals, programmers, and software developers for purposed of application and web development. You can also install them all separately too if you wish but WAMP makes it very easy and comfortable for installing.  

WAMP | A Brief Introduction

WAMP is derived from LAMP where L stands for LINUX. The only difference in both is that WAMP is for Windows and LAMP for LINUX OS. To be more precise, let’s see what each alphabet in the same signifies.

  1. W is for WINDOWS (as we said earlier)
  2. A is for Apache server primarily responsible to serve web pages. When a user requests to see a page, Apache sends their request over HTTP and shows them the website or page required
  3. M in WAMP indicated MYSQL where DBMS for your server is done. Information is completely stored by MYSQL like user profiles, login details, contact forms, values, figures, numbers, records, and much more
  4. P is for PHP i.e. a programming language used for writing WordPress and many other technical codes.  The same serves like a glue for entire software package and it runs in conjunction with Apache and communicates with MYSQL

WAMP allows you to test the website and pages as localhost ion browser and code files are saved in www folder in C drive. WAMP serves as a virtual server on your PC and lets you test all web features without any issues and hurdles as it locally runs on your machine having no web connection. You don’t need to upload any files on web instead you can copy anything in www folder of WAMP and it lets you to create fast backups. The same speeds up your development process and you can do any customization locally on your PC.

As we said, WAMP won’t make online copy of web because you run everything locally. For making live, you need some good hosting and domain so that you can test everything publically.

What is VCRUNTIME140. DLL Error

Before discussing more, we can have a brief idea about the file VCRUNTIME.DLL. This file is all related to VB i.e. Visual Basic. The error for missing file arises in WAMP when the file goes missing and does not let WAMP color green. 

Note: You must be aware of the fact that for running WAMP, color should be GREEN. Orange and yellow will never start all service and you won’t be able to run your applications

Maybe, the application is damaged or DLL file is corrupted. This can happen by mistake or maybe due to malware or infection that may have been caused.  

Possible Fixes

There can be any fix but you need to have a check on what is working for you. Normally, this error is solved by basic troubleshoots but sometimes may become problematic. DLL libraries are playing the main role in programs operation and most of the programs use them. Sometimes multiple programs may access the same dll library and something might go wrong and the library becomes damaged. After that usually .dll is missing error starting to appear. Sometimes, malware attack may cause the corruption of .dll library.  Let us have a quick look at the most general fixes first.

Repair/Re-Install WAMP

This is something doable at a very first glance for sure. WAMP needs to be re-installed or repaired only in most of the cases. But you need to be very careful in this regard. This is because wamp comprises of some important folders like WWW and application files. Similarly, it has PHPmyadmin codes and backup files of your database. It is highly recommended to take their backup before you proceed. If the same DLL is missing, you can do one more thing, just install WAMP in any other machine or rename the current as wamp old and install again and copy missing DLL or all files in original one and remove newly installed one.  This is the best way to save time as well as efforts.

Library Download Online

This is the second most working way you can try. If you not sure of what are going on or you failed the previous step, you can log on internet and go to fix dll website. Remember that website or platform must be genuine and authentic. You can download the vcruntime library from there and follow installation instructions simply given. After library finishes installation, you can restart your PC for changes to take effect. Now, you can see if vcruntime140.dll error has gone or not.

System Restore

If things have become unexpected for last few days and before that everything was fine, you are highly advised to perform a quick system restore. This will take all your data, files, and installations right at the day it was working fine. It will give you critical times and updates done at those times and also the days/dates when system last worked. You simply can restore the system back to that day/date to make things work. Keep in mind the below-mentioned beforehand;

  • If you do system restore, all data will be deleted including newly updated system plus personal files
  • All media, documents, and settings will be rest and deleted till last working day/date
  • Al configurations, applications, and programs (if installed after that day/date)  will be removed with immediate effect

It is hereby recommended to take a full or partial backup beforehand so that things work best and nothing ambiguous can be experienced. 

Note: System restore may or may not help you always because it will take settings and files back i.e. deleted ones o missing ones but on the other hand, it won’t put your application data back i.e. reverse the application  data. So, this dll file’s restoring is not 100% guaranteed but the process must be tried on safe side

Three Simple Steps to Solve VCRUNTIME140.dll Missing Error

There can be any steps but the three we are going to mention are the easiest and the most considered ones

Step -1: Perfectly Remove WAMP Server from your Machine


This doesn’t only mean just removing from control panel or C drive. Here we mean CLEAN REMOVAL. This means that you need to clear the application from all parts of the windows. This can either be done manually or by using some trusted tool. The best tool for clean removal can be total uninstall but it is up to you totally the strategy you use.   Clean removal of application involves:

  • Removal from C drive 
  • Control panel removal of application
  • Clearance of all Registry entries

Step -2: Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio Application

After you are done with previous step, you can now install fresh copy of Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio choosing specific package i.e. 32 or 64 bit. You can change version and compatibility of your OS from properties i.e. machine properties. After finishing, restart your PC. 

Note: Installing Visual C++ will take time and maybe, multiple restarts take place in between the process

Step -3: Install WAMP Server Now

You can now move ahead and install WAMP on your machine. If you have old WAMP folder left, you can rename the same as WAMP-old or anything. This will make current WAMP installation in new folder. 

You can now turn on WAMP and see if it turns green. You can check all services from services.msc and check everything manually. Check if error still remains or have gone.

Concluding Remarks

We have discussed few very basic fixes and solutions for vcruntime140.dll missing error but there can be many of them. You just need to verify if the error is not at all due to some corruption, mistakenly made deletion, or faulty data. If all is good, first try repairing or refreshing Visual Studio and if still it is same, try repairing WAMP. All of them are the basic solutions and if any of them doesn’t work, you can then re-install the WAMP or any services missing.

You can try downloading DLL manually but you need to check if it is the same DLL you are looking for. This is because this is not only used in WAMP, but also in system files, Adobe, Visual Studio, XAMPP, and much more.

If you find the correct one, you can proceed else don’t rush for the immediate solutions. Last but not the least; if you have tried well enough and are not finding the exact solution for the same, you can go for re-installing windows. This is something not ever recommended because installing or repairing windows is not the solution of such issues. Anyhow, if at any point, you decide to act this way, you need to have an installation media with you and then boot from CD or USB. Rest is the installation steps you can follow. You can also repair Windows by the same media and this may also help sometimes.