4 Ways Android App Development Can Benefit Your Business

With an increasing number of old and new customers trying to shift their focus on digital means to solve all of their problems, it is crucial for businesses to undergo a rapid digital transformation by investing in quality custom Android app development services. Android having a much larger user base than iOS has been a long-established trend. Thus, if you choose to go for a new native mobile app for your business, you should opt for an Android one.

These days, it is possible to get an Android app built for any purpose, whether it is a customer-facing portal or an app built for internal functions. A reliable Android app development company would be willing to cater to a variety of industries, ranging from healthcare and education to e-commerce, finance, and utility.

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Today, we will talk about four major reasons why launching a mobile app for your business would be an advantageous move.

Reach a Bigger Market

Since most people all over the world spend so much time on their mobile phones, introducing a mobile app can bring more recognition to your brand. Many people (who could potentially turn into leads) might be more open to using a mobile app than interacting with your business via other channels. How do you do that though?

Launching an Android app comes with the advantage of being able to publish your app on the Google Play store. The Play store is a platform that brings countless advantages with it, with one of them being our focus here: it has more than a billion active users, which means your app can reach a much wider audience if you decide to publish it on this platform.

Give Your Competitors Some Real Competition

The mobile landscape has grown so much that it is now a significantly growing trend for all types of businesses to have their very own mobile apps. Where target audiences are more inclined to use mobile apps rather than physical visits to stores or calling agents over telephones, it is important that you get with the times and update your brand’s presence online too. To give your competitors some competition, you must have your own Android app.

You can successfully launch a mobile app in two steps. When going for app development for Android, the first step would be to launch an app. This is how you can easily match the level of your competitors and stay in the game. The second step, if implemented correctly, can change the game entirely for your brand. This step involves Android app development that is catered to your business’s unique requirements.

Your mobile app must be especially focused on your brand image and should help your business stand out from competitors. Publishing a generic mobile app is not that difficult. The real challenge is to make it different – better – than what your competitors are offering. There are several ways to do this, such as better design and UX, giving sales promotions to new customers, or offering reward points to repeat customers.

Provide Improved Customer Service & Support

Let’s suppose you hire a specialized Android app development company to build and launch an app for your business. Soon after the app is launched, your users run into a bug that hinders them from placing orders via the app. You try to call the developers but they are unavailable or refuse to offer any after-sales support. Could you imagine going back to the same company for any other projects?

The same rule applies to your brand’s customers too. With a mobile app, you get the chance to establish a direct connection with your audience. Giving them the opportunity to receive in- or after-sales services within your mobile app helps to build trust and brand loyalty. These days, chatbots have proved to be very helpful for this purpose, giving the customers real-time assistance and immediate solutions to any problems they face.

An Added Market Platform and Revenue Stream

If you want to gain maximal returns on your custom Android app development investment, you should make sure to go for development options that are within your budget constraints. Once this part is out of the way, you can take full advantage of this additional revenue stream.

With a user-friendly Android app that has been built with the goal of keeping users interested and impressed with the interface, you can convince more and more people to communicate with your business and be more willing to purchase your products or services.

This app can prove to be the new face for your business if you are able to successfully capture the target audience. The app should be easy to use – if your users face any hassle using your app, they could easily end up switching to other competitors of yours. Thus, to boost revenue, you must invest in proper UI and UX design.

You have two other options for monetizing your app. The first option is for those of you who are selling a specialized service: you can sell your app for a certain price on the play store. The users will pay per download. The second option is to insert in-app advertisements for third parties, making this your secondary source of revenue.

In-app purchases are another way to monetize your app, where users may or not be offered lucrative discounts or other benefits when placing orders via the app. This will motivate them to place orders more frequently through your app, effectively converting leads to definite sales leading to higher revenue and profits.

Where to Find the Best Services for App Development for Android

When looking for a software partner you can trust, you have to do a little bit of research so you can find the best possible option for your app development project.

One way to look for potential software providers is to conduct a simple Google search. These days, search engines are capable of using your location to suggest services that are in close proximity to you. For example, if you are based in the UK and would like to hire someone for Android app development in the UK, your search will return geographically optimized results suggesting development firms closest to you.

Another way to look for the best possible development firm is to search on review sites such as Manifest and Clutch. These sites also have the option to apply certain filters, such as price range and location. If you want a UK-based developer, simply add a filter for ‘country’. You can then find the best possible Android app development company in the UK.