What Are Curly Beanie Errors & Their Value

The curly Beanie with error is one of the vintage collectibles toys that has managed to attain the status popular yet rare. Its manufacturers; “Ty incorporated” played the market by producing them in limited quantities and retiring a design abruptly. Weirdly, its factory errors caused it to become even more sort after and overpriced. 

Some curly beanie rare errors include original spelt with extra i, resulting in it to look like “origiinal”. The makers also misspelled Surface as “suface”. While a few curly beanies has a tush tag with 1993 written on it and the hang tag has 1996.

Valid, the errors induced an increase in value, but its release generation is also a factor. A fifth-generation mint condition beanie with errors would go as high as $38,800 on eBay. Keep reading this article to find out more about them and learn how to detect an overpriced beanie.

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What Do Beanie Baby Errors Mean

Beanie error means value to collectors. To further understand what it means, we need to talk about how the beanie baby is classified. It is into two; mass production and rare collectible.

Rare Collectable

Rare collectible, as the name implies, is not easy to find. The TY brand manipulated the market by releasing a few bears per generation and abruptly retiring them. It caused people to buy them in a rush and stock them, hoping for the value to appreciate over the years. The retired bears are now considered rare and part of toy collectibles. To further appreciate the value of these toys, collectors observed that some of them were different, with typo errors present. Another rave of wanting to acquire these unique beanie babies started.

Here are a few errors to notice in your rare beanie baby.

Double letter I in the word original, additional space in to and this, lowercase y at the beginning of the second line of the poem. The semicolon in front of the Date of birth, surface instead of the surface. 

Mass Production

Unlike the rare collectibles, these are readily available. Ty manufactures millions of different designs. He was making them familiar and of no real value apart from its store price. The generation release further increases the values of the beanie baby toys. Each bear has its Date of birth on its tag, which refers to the product era. The older the bear, the more valuable it is to collectors.

What Errors Make My Beanie Baby Valuable

Below is a list of errors that makes different Beanie valuable to collectors 

Beanie baby error list

  1. Wrong Tush Tags
  2. Hant Error
  3. Misspellings
  4. Poem Errors
  5. Punctuation Errors
  6. Production Errors
  7. Date errors

First-Generation Princess Diana Beanie

Because they are among the first of their kind manufactured by TY, they cost a lot. A princess Diana beanie can be valued up to $528,800

Piccadilly Attic

Ty manufactures the Piccadilly Attic to look like a clown bear. If your bear is in mint conditions with error tags, you can sell it for a very high amount.

Bernie The Dog With Two Tags

Because of the double tags, some Bernie beanie baby comes with; the bear can fetch an excellent price.


Hippity is a bunny that children like. Due to manufacturer error, the Ty team produced hippity with eyes that were misaligned. Instead of people rejecting it, it became popular and sort after.

Valentino The Beanie Bear

Valentino in mint condition, and lots of error could go as high as $150,000. There’s one on eBay with errors like;

  1. Filled in and darker number 4 in the Dob on the tag.
  2. Absence of the words “visits our web page!!”
  3. The other tag says 1993
  4. The UK isn’t on the address.
  5. Double letter ii 
  6. Suface 

Peace The Rabbit

The rabbit is a classic, and every piece of this beanie bear is unique. It is because it’s a tie-dye colour bear. So even when you have one pattern, you would want to acquire another in a different colour mix as a collector.The beanie baby is rare and valuable. The more the errors, the more appealing it looks. An added advantage is it being unopened as mint condition in the box.

What Makes Your Beanie Bear Valuable?

Four primary reasons influence the value of a beanie baby.


Different generations and models influence the value because most have been retired since 1996. Therefore, the older the edition, the more valuable and rare it is. Ty group manufactured a few of each of the first few generations, making them collectible materials automatically.

We would say the first three generations are unique and rare collectible toys. However, productions from the fourth are millions in number. They are easily and readily available. 

Equivalent Hang Tag and Tush Tag

Ideally, details on both the hang and bottom tags match. However, remember that errors are appealing to collectors because it makes them rare. So even if they do not check, your Beanie is equally valuable. We dare to say it appreciates nicely.

Authenticity certificate

The certificate from TY beanie experts increases the value of your toy. They certify that your Beanie is genuine and worth a reasonable price. It further ensures criminal minds do not try to defraud innocent people for their money. Some people may buy overpriced bears while being oblivious of their real value. Likewise, there are situations where scammers faked the certificates.


As with valuable items, if previously owned or tied to a significant event, it increases in value. So if you have proof that your item was owned by a celebrity or bought during an important event, share the information with the prospective buyer.

Other Factors

  • Rare Item; mass items are cheaper
  • Location Of Sale; try websites that people who know the value buy their beanie from.
  • Condition Of The Item; a mint condition item indicates that it is unopened and in its original packaging.

Near Mint; the item isn’t as new as it should be, but it’s pretty close

  • No Hang Tags; they are at the ears of the beanie bears. It serves as a gift tag because manufacturers expect you to take it off before giving your child. Ty considers them choking hazards.
  • Tush Tags; are located at the bottom and are made of fabric. They differ from the hang tags.
  • Stuffing; some beanies are over or under stuff to enable them to seat unaided, unlike regular stuffed bears. The TY team put in PVC pellets that imitate beans stuffing. However, collectors can detect understuffed or unsettled PVC pellets.
  • Storage; how you store your vintage beanie affects your sale. If you keep it in a mouldy or tight area where other items crush it, it reduces its buyer’s appeal. 
  • Market Value; the value of a beanie increase as the demand increases. The market is interested in rare items, so they clench to any bit of information that suggests a bear is vintage and unique.

Curly Beanie Error

The curly beanie increased in value due to error or any distinct feature. Below are a few error lists that make the curly beanie costly. 

Curly Beanie 1

Price: $13000

Generation: 5

Product Description/Error

  • Original spelt as origiinal
  • Surface spelt as suface 
  • Bottom tush tag with 1993 
  • Mismatched hang tag with 1996
  • Extra space in between To and This
  • You types as “you” in small letters in the poem

Curly Beanie 2

Price: $25,000

Year: 1996

Product Description/Error

  • Their eyes are black, but the bear’s nose is brown colored.
  • The UK is absent in the tush tag.
  • Hant is present on the tag.
  • The style number is missing.
  • Tush tag says 1993 while hang tag is 1996
  • ”You” is typed in lower case at the beginning of the second sentence
  • Extra space between to and this
  • No space between “you” and”!” in the last line
  • Stamp missing on the bottom tag.
  • The red star on the bottom tag
  • Letter R and TM both on the bottom tag
  • Missing comma behind Oakbrook
  • The bottom tag has 1965 (KR)

Curly Beanie 3

Price: $38,800

Product Description/Error

  • Dislocated arm
  • Lowercase y in the poem’s second line
  • Extra space between to and this
  • No red stamp on the bottom tag
  • Hang tag 1996 while bottom label 1993
  • The base tag has Hants on it
  • R and TM on the tag
  • 1965(KR) on the tag
  • Style Number missing


The curly beanie baby is a variant of the TY produced vintage bear. Factory errors caused the beanie bear to become overly priced and unique to collectors. Buyers are open to paying as high as $528,800 to get their rare collectables. Older first generations are of more value in the market.