Wow Quest Tracker Not Working [100% Solved]

Is your Wow Quest Tracker Not Working? The World of Warcraft (WoW) Quest Tracker will stop working sometimes, and this issue can manifest in many ways. For example, some or all the quests can fail to show up in the quest tracker or the quest tracker can fail to appear on the map. In other cases, gamers have complained of the quest tracker not keeping track of their quest progress or the map not showing any World Quests.

To fix the issue, you can try to check if the WoW quest tracker is enabled. If it is enabled and still not working, you may want to try to update the game client. Another thing that seems to work for a lot of people is simply adjusting the system time. You may also need to configure various settings, including enabling the Outline mode. Also, if your WoW quest tracker isn’t working, you may be able to resolve this resetting the User Interface (UI) or deleting the Cache Folder.

When the WoW quest tracker is not working, its usually due to corrupted or outdated add-ons or even misconfigured settings and filters. In this article, we will go over all the reasons why the quest tracker fails to load in WoW. We will also cover some of the most common solutions for this annoying problem.

One of the most annoyances associated with the WoW quest tracker feature not working leaves players with a quest tracker that is not updating. This can make the game really confusing because Wow will not show new quests. There are other cases in which the WoW quest tracker disappears from the map or even stops tracking in-game progress.

What Causes The WoW Quest Tracker Not To Work? 

Under the normal working condition, the quest tracker allows gamers to add the quest they wish to undertake and offers map directions for the active quests. It will also display the quests that are being tracked on the Fly map and offer important statistics regarding the current quest. 

The handy quest tracker feature on the World of Warcraft game is known to fail in different ways, all of which are caused by different things. Here are some of the common causes of the quest tracker not working problem: 

Outdated/Corrupted Add-ons 

If the quest tracker is not showing on the map or is not updating new quests and progress automatically, you probably are experiencing a display issue. This is often a result of outdated or corrupted WoW add-ons. In other cases, the add-ons can conflict with this feature, causing it to malfunction. 

In either case, it is advisable to disable all the add-ons on the game, restart it and check whether the feature is working as it should. If this does not work, you will need to reset the UI. 

Misconfigured Filters 

If you can see some World Quests, but some are missing, likely, you have just filtered some quests on your reward preference settings. In such a case, you need to open the map—can be done using the default hotkey M. You should then click on the looking glass icon (positioned at the top-right corner of the window).

Once open, adjust the filter settings to display the World Quests you desire. 

Locked By The Game 

You may not be able to access and use some Quest Tracker functions simply because they have been blocked by the game. For instance, you cannot view Legion World Quests on the map until you have completed the Uniting the Isles quest successfully on at least one character on your account. 

To take part in this quest, you need to attain level 45. Battle for Azeroth World Quests will not be displayed on the map, until you have attained level 50, unlocked the three footholds, obtained the Heart of Azeroth from Magni, and built a friendly reputation with Kul Tiras or Zandalar.

If you happen to be playing Shadowlands, no other quests will be displayed if one quest is selected and is highlighted in yellow. To display the other quests, in this case, you should right-click on the highlighted quest and select ‘Unfollow’ from the context menu. 

Misconfigured Console Variables 

Though rare, some malicious add-ons or macro can alter the console variables without your knowledge. This can also cause the WoW Quest Tracker not working problem. To solve the issue, you need to reset variable settings. 

This can be achieved by running the /console cvar_default slash command on the in-game chat box. 

How To Fix The WoW Quest Tracker Not Working Problem 

In most cases, the WoW Quest Tracker failure is caused by conflicting, corrupted, or outdated add-ons. As such, you first need to disable all your add-ons, except the ElvUI OptionsUI, and ElvUI add-ons. If the problem happens to be the WoW client, you should consider using the default UI to fix the problem. 

The various causes of WoW quest tracker failure call for different solutions. Discussed below are some of the most effective solutions for the WoW quest tracker not working issue: 

Method 1: Adjust System Date And Time 

First things first, ensure that you are running the latest game client and try running the game through the Blizzard App. This is because running the game using the client executable file can also result in display issues. 

Again, an incorrect date and time on your computer can also cause the WoW Quest Tracker to malfunction. As a matter of fact, the game is unable to display world quest timers properly when the system time is turned off. Check whether the date and time on your system are correct, and adjust them accordingly. 

Method 2: Enable Automatic Quest Tracker 

If the quest tracker is not tracking your quest progress or is not displaying quests, the feature is probably disabled. For most users experiencing this problem, quest tracking can only be accessed by navigating to Interface -> Objectives and turn Automatic Quest Tracking and turn it on. 

To make matters worse, you may need to do this every time you restart WoW. Normally, the Quest Tracker is displayed under the Mini Map for the default World of Warcraft interface. When working as it should, the tracker will automatically add a quest when you pick it up and update progress whenever you complete an objective towards the quest.

However, WoW Classic only displays the tracker when you complete an objective towards a quest, provided that the Automatic Quest Tracking feature is enabled. The following procedure will help you enable the automatic Quest Tracker in both WoW versions:

Step 1: Launch WoW on your Desktop and then press the ESC key on your keyboard to open the Main Menu.

Step 2: Now click on Display, and then check the checkbox next to ‘Automatic Quest Tracking’.

Note: WoW Classic only allows you to automatically track up to five quests at a time, and quests will fade away from the tracker if left idle for some time. 

How To Add Quests To The Tracker Manually 

If the Automatic Quest Tracker functionality is enabled, but still not working, you should consider adding quests to the Tracker manually. To do this, you should launch WoW, and then press the L hotkey to open the quest log. Alternatively, you could click on the ‘!’ icon towards the bottom of the window, next to your spells.

You should then press the Shift key + click on the title of the quest you wish to add. This will add the quest to the Quest Tracker in both WoW Classic and World of Warcraft game versions. With the quest log open, you can also add a quest by selecting it, and then clicking on the Track button. 

If the quest is not available on the side of your screen, you should right-click on the map and select Outland, Azeroth, or Draenor to show all the related quests. 

How To Enable Automatic Quest Tracking Using Slash Commands 

It is also possible to activate the Automatic Quest Tracker feature by running the right slash commands. To do this, type /console autoQuestWatch into the in-game chat box and press the Enter key to run the command. 

Once done, type /console autoQuestProgess into the chat box and run the command. After running the two commands, you need to re-launch WoW and check whether the problem has been resolved. 

Method 3: Enable The Outline Mode

This method is particularly helpful when a mouseover operation on the target does not display the Quest Tracking Tooltip. Normally, placing the mouse cursor above a quest objective should display a Tooltip that features your quest progress. You should also see a tooltip describing the item that drops from a mob, whenever you target a mob. 

By default, the Quest Tracking Tooltip functionality is not available in WoW Classic. If the Mouseover functionality is not working in World of Warcraft, enabling the Outline Mode on your interface options may fix the problem. 

With WoW launched on your Desktop, press the Esc key to bring up the Main Menu. Next, click on Display and ensure that the Outline Mode is enabled. 

Method 4: Reset The User Interface (UI) 

Another common cause of this problem is Add-ons. If disabling the add-ons does not fix the quest tracker, you should consider resetting the UI to default settings. This method may also be used to solve several other interface and display problems on the World of Warcraft game. 

To reset the UI entirely, you need to delete or rename the Cache, WTF, and Interface folders from your computer. Before going any further, you need to uninstall any add-ons management program you may be using. This will prevent the add-on manager from re-syncing the data you cleared by deleting the folders. 

Once ready, here is how you should go about it: 

Step 1: Exit the WoW launcher on your desktop, and then uninstall any add-manager software that may be installed on the computer. 

Step 2: Next, launch the Blizzard desktop application and click Options. If you are using Windows, select the ‘Show in Explorer’ option. If you are using a Mac computer, you should select the ‘Reveal in Finder’ option.

Step 3: Navigate to the World of Warcraft installation folder on your computer, and open the folder for the game version you are trying to fix—either _classic_ or _retail_.

Step 4: Now rename the WTF, Interface, and Cache folders to WTFOld, InterfaceOld, and CacheOld respectively. 

Once to are done, relaunch World of Warcraft for the changes to take effect. Alternatively, you could run a slash command. In this regard, you should type /console cvar_default into the in-game chat box or macro and then press the Enter key to run the command. 

After this command has been executed, you need to run the /console showQuestTrackingTooltips to activate the feature. 

Method 5: Delete The Cache Folder

Corrupted or outdated Blizzard Cache files can also lead to the WoW Quest Tracker problems. Deleting the cache folder may fix the problem, and will not affect your game data. Deleting the Blizzard Cache folder will get rid of temporary information associated with characters, including add-on and macro data

The right procedure for deleting the Blizzard Cache folder will depend on the operating system you are using, as illustrated below: 

How To Delete The Cache Folder In Windows 

 Start by closing all Blizzard programs that may be running on your computer. Next, press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch the Task Manager. Navigate to the Processes tab and check whether agent.exe is running. If you are using Windows 10, you should look for the ‘Blizzard Update Agent’ process instead. 

If running, click on it to select it, and then click on the ‘End Process’ button to terminate it. Now you need to open the folder containing the cache directory on the PC. To do this, press the Windows + R keys combination to open a Run dialog box. 

Type %ProgramData% into the dialog box and then press the Enter key. Look for the ‘Blizzard Entertainment’ folder, right-click on it and select Delete from the context menu. Finally, you need to restart the desktop app, and thereafter relaunch the game. 

How To Delete The Cache Folder In Mac 

Open Finder on your Mac computer, click on the Go menu, and then select Computer. Next, click on Macintosh HD and navigate to the  /Users/Shared/Blizzard directory. Locate the folder, right-click on it, and select the ‘Move to Trash’ option. 

You may now restart the desktop app and relaunch the game. Check whether the ‘WoW Quest Tracker not working’ problem had been fixed. 


WoW is still one of the most popular games of all time, but it sure can be annoying when the WoW Quest Tracker stops working. 

There are many different things that can cause the WoW quest tracker to fail, ranging from add-ons to misconfigured settings, and filters. Depending on the cause, different methods may be used to fix the quest tracker not working issue. Regardless of the cause, this guide will help you fix the problem on your own.

We hope this articled helped you get WoW working again. Thanks for reading!