Fix The wslregisterdistribution Failed with Error 0x8007019e

The wslregisterdistribution failed with error: 0x8007019e issue may be fixed by enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) feature. This may be accomplished by turning Windows Features On or using Windows PowerShell, as elaborated later in this guide.   

Most of the affected users get the WSL register distribution failed with error: 0x8007019e/0x8000000d when trying to launch the command line. At first glance, the error message may appear as though it has been triggered by a faulty WSL installation. However, it could just be a false positive binary classification error. 

In most cases, it occurred simply because Windows 10 functions are not supported, making it impossible for you to run the WSL command line. Throughout this guide, you will learn the possible causes of the problem, and the various solutions you can apply to fix it. 

What is the WSL Feature? 

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) by Microsoft is essentially a series of Microsoft components. The components are meant to allow the Linux Linkable Format (ELF64), and the 64-bit Executable binaries to run on the Windows kernel, especially for the Windows 10 operating system (OS). 

With the WSL feature enabled in Windows 10, you will be able to run the Linux Bash She’ll to install the Ubuntu user-mode image. In this case, the Ubuntu image will run on top of the Windows kernel layer as it will allow ELF64 binaries to operate in the Windows environment. 

Following a successful installation, you will also be able to run other Ubuntu package repository files, navigate the file system, and even execute scripts using command-line interface (CLI) utilities. The WSL architecture allows the Linux distro calls to be passed to and handled by the Windows kernel. 

What Causes the wslregisterdistribution Failed Error? 

Though useful for Linux developers on the Windows environment, you may encounter an error message when you try to open the WSL feature. The error message reads: 

“Installing, this may take a few minutes…

wslRegisterDistribution failed with error: 0x8007019e/0x8000000d

Error: 0x8007019e/0x8000000d The parameter is incorrect.

Press any key to continue.”

This error message renders it impossible for developers to launch and use the WSL command line. It may be triggered by several problems on your computer, including: 

Corrupted Linux Terminal App Modules 

Corrupted Linux distribution app files can trigger the WSL register distribution failed error code 0x8007019e or 0x8000000d. If this happens to be the problem, you have to repair the corrupted modules using the Repair tool on the Windows Settings menu of your computer. 

In some cases, the corrupted modules may be beyond repair. In such a case, you just have to reinstall the distribution afresh. 

Windows Subsystem for Linux is Disabled 

In most cases, you will get this error message when the WSL feature in your Windows 10 computer is disabled. The WSL feature is essential for the Linux distribution to run in a Windows environment. To fix such a problem, you only need to enable the subsystem for the Linux option on your computer.

LxssManager Service Failure 

The Linux instance life cycle service (LxssManager) runs in the background of your Windows computer to keep several things under control. Though rare, this service may get stuck in operation, or happen to be in an error state. 

Such a scenario will also result in the WSL register distribution error: 0x8007019e. You can fix this glitch by just restarting the LxssManager service on your computer, as explained later on in this guide. 

Outdated Linux Distribution

You may also be getting this WSL failure error message just because you are using an outdated version of the Linux distro. If you are running an outdated version, updating it could resolve the WSL failure issue know your computer. Rather than having to reinstall the application entirely, you can use the Command Prompt to update it, as illustrated below.

How To Fix the wslregisterdistribution Failed with Error: 0x8007019e

With the WSL feature enabled on Windows 10, developers can use advanced development languages like Python, and Ruby through Windows. Additionally, it allows you to use most of the common Linux tools within a Windows environment. 

However, this does not always work as smoothly as it is expected to; you may end up getting the WSL register distribution error message. Before trying the more advanced solutions for this problem, it is advisable to try launching the Linux console from the Search Bar (Positioned on the Taskbar). 

If this does not seem to fix the problem, you can try out the following methods and procedures to fix the problem once and for all: 

Method 1: Enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux Feature

If the Windows subsystem for Linux optional component is not enabled on your Windows 10 PC, you will get the WSL failure error code 0x8007019e. As such, you first need to ensure that the WSL feature on your computer is enabled. 

The Windows Subsystem for Linux feature on Windows 10 may be enabled in a number of ways, including: 

By Toggling the Turn Windows Features ON/Off Option 

On your Windows 10 Taskbar, click on the Windows Search bar, type ‘Control Panel’ into it, and then press Enter. On the search results, select the Control panel to open it. Open the ‘Uninstall a program’ category on the Control Panel. 

Now navigate to the left lane and click on the ‘Turn Windows Feature On or Off’ option. Scroll downwards, to locate and enable the ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux’ Option. If this feature is already enabled, you should disable it, and restart the computer. 

After the computer has started, follow the above-described steps to activate the ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux’ feature. Once you are done, close the window and restart the computer. Check to see whether the error has been fixed. 

Enable the WSL from the Microsoft Store 

A bug may affect the system in such a way that it triggers the WSL register distribution failure error when launched from the command prompt or shortcut.  If so, launching the application right from the Microsoft Store interface may solve the problem. 

To do this, click on the Windows Search box on your Taskbar, type ‘Microsoft Store’, and press the Enter button to run the search. Click on the Microsoft Store entry on the search results to open it. Next, click on the horizontal Ellipses icon, located in the top-right corner of the window. From the context menu that comes up, select ‘My Library’. 

You should then select the Installed option from the left lane and then select your Linux distro App from the right pane. Finally, click on the Launch button and allow the process to complete. Check to see whether the wslregisterdistribution Failed with Error: 0x8007019e has been fixed. 

Using the PowerShell 

You can also enable the WSL feature on your computer from PowerShell. In this regard, you first need to launch PowerShell as an Administrator. With PowerShell, you should use it to run the following command:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

If executed successfully, the system will start an automatic search for the missing/corrupted files and install them accordingly. When prompted,  type Y to finalize the process and restart the computer. 

Method 2: Restart the LxssManager Service

As mentioned earlier in this guide, a fault in the LxssManager service on your computer can also trigger the wsl register distribution Failed error code 0x8007019e message. If you think this to be the cause of the WSL failure in your computer, you should just restart the service to clear the error message. 

To achieve this, press the Windows + R keyboard shortcut to launch a Run dialog box. Next, you need to type ‘Services.msc’ into the dialogue box, and either press OK or press the Enter key. Scroll through the list of services displayed to locate the LxssManager service. 

Once you find it, click on it and then click on the Restart button on the left lane. Having restarted the service, you can now relaunch the terminal to check whether the error has been resolved. 

Method 3: Update the Linux Terminal Using the Command Prompt

If the above-discussed methods have not cleared the ‘wslregisterdistribution failed with error: 0x8007019e message, you should try updating the Terminal. Rather than having to reinstall your Linux Terminal, you can just use a command prompt to update it. 

The following procedure will help you accomplish this: 

Step 1: Click o the Windows Search box on your Taskbar, type ‘Command Prompt’,  and press the Enter key to run the search. 

Step 2: On the list of results you get, right-click on the Command Prompt entry and select ‘Run as Administrator’. 

Step 3: Type the following commands into the prompt, and press the Enter key after entering each of them to run them separately:

C:\> bash

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

$ <CTRL-D>

C:\> exit

Once all the commands have been executed successfully, try launching your Linux Terminal to check whether the error has cleared. 

Method 4: Repair Your Linux Terminal App

The installation files for the Linux distribution on your computer may also be corrupted, resulting in this error message. The corrupted files may be repaired using the repair tool on the Windows settings menu. To run this repair tool, right-click on the Windows button, and then select Settings from the Stay Menu. 

Next, you need to select Apps, and then locate the Linux Distribution Application (such as Ubuntu). Now scroll down towards the end, and click on the Repair button. Wait until the repair process is completed to check whether the error has cleared. 

If not, navigate to the Advanced options, as described in the above. Now select the Reset button. Note that this operation will delete your data/settings. Once done, launch the distro to see whether the error has cleared. 

Method 5: Reinstall the Linux Console Application

If the repair process failed to resolve the ‘wslregisterdistribution Failed with Error: 0x8007019e’ problem, the corrupted modules may simply be beyond repair. In such a case, the right solution would be to uninstall and then reinstall the application once again. 

To do this, right-click on the Windows button on your desktop, and select Settings from the context menu that comes up. On this settings menu, locate and click on your Linux distribution app. Next, click on the Uninstall button, and follow the on-screen prompts to remove the distribution from your computer.

Once you have removed the distro, you need to disable the Subsystem for Linux  Option (using the procedure described in method 1). Now restart the computer, and enable the Subsystem for Linux feature. Having enabled the WSL, you can now install a genuine copy of the Linux Console Application. 

Method 6: CMD Bypass Solution

This is a convenient workaround that may be used to navigate around the ‘wslregisterdistribution Failed with Error: 0x8007019e’ error screen. This method requires you to open a command prompt on your computer. You can do this by searching for it using the search bar on your start menu or using the Ctrl + R keyboard shortcut. 

Next, you need to run the following commands on the command prompt (enter each of them separately and press Enter before running the next command).

wslconfig.exe /setdefault kali-rolling



You may be using this method to start your Kali Linux from the command line. Well, it is not a recommended way to do it, but will serve as a temporary solution. 

Final Verdict 

The WSL register distribution failed error means that Windows 10 functions are not supported. As a result, the error will not allow you to use the WSL command line on your computer. As mentioned earlier in this guide, the error message may be triggered by multiple things, ranging from faulty LxssManager service to disabled WSL feature. 

The above-discussed methods address the various causes of the problem and will help you fix it once and for all. If none of the methods worked, you need to reinstall your Windows 10 OS again or reset it to a version that worked. Regardless of the scenario, this guide will ensure that you do not get the ‘WslRegisterDistribution failed’ error message when launching the WSL command line.