Acrobat reader, also called Adobe reader, is one of those programs developed to review files in the PDF format. It is one of the oldest programs and gets updated from time to time. Its latest version has features including highlighting options, accessibility options, editing tools, footnotes, various screen modes, and touch screens also support this software.

Adobe or Acrobat reader also developed an executable file named AdobeARM.exe. The .exe in a file name shows that it is an executable file. 

The original AdobeARM.exe file is an Adobe Reader’s software component by Adobe system. An executable file AdobeARM.exe linked to Adobe Reader is a freeware tool started by Adobe to see, print, and share files in Adobe’s exclusive PDF format. AdobeARM.exe is not an essential windows element. You can remove it anytime if it creates an error or problem in your computer because sometimes these executable files can be harmful to your system.


Like every software, AdobeARM.exe also has some errors, which you can fix if you know about the error, its causes, and solutions. Different messages let you know you about the error in your system. These error messages may come up while installing a program or when it’s associating software program is executing. Also, it can occur during the startup process of Windows or when you shut it down. And even when you are installing a Windows operating system.  One of the most common errors of AdobeARM.exe is Entry point not found.


If the error message’ entry point not found’ appears, it means that the file necessary to finish that process is unreadable, damaged, or missing. When this error notification pops up, the AdobeARM.exe becomes unable to start. But there are some methods to fix this error, which are explained below in this article.


While troubleshooting or solving any issue, you have to keep a record of error that where and when it occurred. That’s the only way that makes it easier to solve the problem. Now, have a look at all methods that most probably help you to get out of this trouble.


Above all, the first thing you should consider is whether the error occurred is because of your program or not. Try to figure out by just reinstalling the program or installing the latest Adobe Acrobat or Reader Updater version. To install the adobe program again, you can search for its link on different sites, open the link there, and double-tap the download file, and then the screen will show you further instructions, follow them.

It’s better to reboot your computer after reinstallation to see if the problem is solved. If it still shows you the error message ‘entry point not found,’ it means the Adobe may not have any issue, but the issue is actually in your Windows system. To fix the problem in Windows, you need to follow other methods. Then your program will be error-free.

But before following other methods to fix errors in the system, make sure any virus does not infect your PC. The virus in your system can be the reason behind this issue because viruses or malware usually infect files in the system. So if you find any issue regarding viruses, download some anti-viruses or cleaners. Here are some of them that might be helpful.


Download Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Start working with Malwarebytes first; it will automatically scan your system to detect harmful files. After scanning, if any malware is there, it will be removed by Malwarebytes.

Now start working with CCleaner; in the windows tab, under the CLEANER section, clean all the selections of internet, multimedia, utilities, and windows sections.  

After cleaning all the selections, click RUN CLEANER, and it will start its working. To further exceed the process, choose the registry tab and ensure all the options under registry tabs don’t remain unchecked. To start the scanning process, select the scan option, and allow CCleaner, now hit the FIX SELECTED ISSUES.  It will ask you for backup changes of the registry, click YES. After the backup, again select FIX ALL SELECTED ISSUES. Now restart the PC to save changes and check if you are now capable of fixing the error or not. 

Some other cleaners or anti-viruses can also be useful to remove malware or viruses such as HitmanPro, AdwCleaner, etc. you can also download them.

But if any virus does not damage your system, then you don’t need to download any cleaner or anti-virus software. Rather than downloading this software, you must check on the below-given methods, which may help you remove errors in the Windows system.


To run SFC ( system file checker) and CHKDSK ( check disk ), follow these simple steps.

STEP NO 1: You have to press the Windows key and X key together to get the options you need to select COMMAND PROMPT (ADMIN). 

STEP NO 2:  After selecting the command prompt (cmd), you will see a typing bar where you have to type SFC  /scannow. if it doesn’t work then try typing SFC  /scannow  /offbootdir=c : \  /offwindir=c :\windows.

The system scanning process will start after this, and the verification percentage will be on your screen. Wait until this process gets completed, and once it gets finished, restart your PC.

STEP NO 3:  Same as step no, two clicks on the windows button, and select the option command prompt where you have to type CHKDSK /f /r and click enter. Type Y and click enter to schedule the scan in the next reboot of the system. 

STEP NO 4: Now, to save all the changes you have done, restart your PC.


STEP NO 1 Press the Windows key and R key altogether and then type “sysdm.cpl” and press enter.

STEP NO 2: Various tabs will appear on the screen from which you have to choose the System Protection tab and then select System Restore.

STEP NO 3: Now hit the next and pick the appropriate system restore point.

STEP NO 4: Instructions to complete the restoration of the system will be on the screen. Follow the instructions to finish the process. And then reboot the computer so you probably will be able to fix the error.


STEP NO 1: Open the command prompt (admin) option by pressing the Windows key and X key together.

STEP NO 2: Start typing these commands in cmd one by one.

-Dism  /Online  /Cleanup-Image  /CheckHealth

-Dism  /Online  /Cleanup-Image  /ScanHealth

-Dism  /Online  /Cleanup-Image  /RestoreHealth

After typing each of them, hit enter. As soon as you finish it, DISM will start running. Wait till it ends.

STEP NO 3: If the commands you entered fails to work, try these too

-Dism  /Image:C:\offline  /Cleanup-Image  /RestoreHealth  /Source:c: \test\mount\windows

Dism  /Online  /Cleanup-Image  /RestoreHealth  /Source:c: \test\mount\windows  /limit access

(You have to enter your repair source location in replacement of C:\RepairSource\Windows)

STEP NO 4: To check if you can fix the issue, restart your system. 

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