Avast anti-virus is presently one of the most famous and top-ranked security applications running in the market. This software is a Czech company that provides security software products on the internet. This freeware security  (Avast free anti-virus) is available only for home or noncommercial use.

The Avast free anti-virus is accessible for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Android platforms. The program supplies an anti-virus with antimalware, antispyware, antiphishing, automatic updates, Home Network Security scanner, HTTPS scanning, DeepScreen, and much more.

The Avast anti-virus has also developed an executable file named AvastUI.exe. AvastUI stands for Avast  Anti-virus User Interface.  The original AvastUI.exe file is an Avast anti-virus software component by AVAST. This anti-virus is not a necessary Windows process, and you can disable it if it causes any problem.  It is a reliable application. But if with a similar name, a malware disguises itself, then the system may get damaged.  

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Although it is anti-virus software, sometimes it may cause some issues which interrupt its working. If you know the issues and causes plus solutions, you can quickly fix it.  When there are errors in the program, the screen starts showing your message related to that error. One of the errors of AvastUI.exe is Entry point not found. 


If your screen shows an error message like ‘Entry point not found,’ it means the file you are working with is missing or damaged. When this error appears, the AvastUI.exe becomes unable to start. Usually, this error occurs after the installation of AvastUI.exe when you try to update the program. But sometimes the problem is faced by the users each time they try to start up the software. In both conditions, the error message that appears is the same.

Why Entry point not found error is caused in AvastUI.exe?

The error message ‘Entry point not found’ or in other words ‘The procedure entry point … could not be located in the dynamically linked library …’  can appear because of different factors. The three dots in the error message represents the procedure entry point and DLLs. The most common causes of this issue are :

When you install AvastUI.exe, it gets updated from time to time quite frequently. And after the release of its update, it sometimes breaks the installation. Now it is totally up to you if you want to reinstall it from scratch or repair the same installation.

The problem can relate to the version of software sometimes. Old versions may have issues, so just installing the latest version of AvastUI.exe can fix the issue.

How to fix AvastUI.exe Entry point not found an error?

It is not always the reinstalling that can fix the issue. Sometimes the problem can get a fix by following some troubleshooting methods. Few methods to fix ‘Entry point not found’ are discussed below in the article.


While installing the Avast, if something goes wrong, it is better to navigate to the Control Panel and repair it. This method works for many people, but keep this fact in your mind that you may need to reset the settings, which most probably have changed while you were using the application.

  1. Above all, ensure one thing that you have logged in with your administrator account because you can delete the program just if you are using an administrator account, and won’t do this with any other account. 
  2. Once you log in to an administrator account. Hit on the start menu, search for CONTROL PANEL, and open it. Other than it, you can open settings by hitting on the gear icon if you are working on Windows 10.
  3. After opening the Control Panel, tap on View as Category at the top corner on the right. Then you will see a Programs section, under which there is an option as Uninstall a program. Click it.
  4. If someone is using the Setting App, it will be easy to open the list of all installed PC programs by just clicking  Apps.
  5. Search for Avast in Control Panel. If you can not find it there, then locate it in settings. There you will get an option to uninstall/repair it, click on it.  
  6. The uninstall wizard of it will open along with two options: Remove and Repair. From these two options, you have to select Repair and in place to fix the installation process of the program, click on Next.
  7. After selecting Next, you will receive a message appearing on your screen that will ask you to confirm the process. Avast will most probably start to work with the default settings, which was in work before the error occurred.
  8. After you finish the above process, click Finish and reboot your computer to check whether the error is still there.


Installation of the clean and latest version of Avast can fix almost every error, including ‘Entry point not found’ error.  

  1. Install the new version of the Avast anti-virus program from any secure downloading link on the internet. You can also find a link to install Avast Uninstall Utility. Download and then save it to your PC.
  2. Turn off the internet and switch to the safe mode. Open the Avast Uninstall Utility, where you downloaded the Avast. Leave it if you installed it in the default folder (program files). To find the correct folder navigate through file explorer. Choose wisely the right folder because the data of the chosen folder will be deleted or damaged.
  3. Select Remove before restarting your system and then check if the background system is back to normal.


Usually, Windows is responsible for this error, and possibly that the version of Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable installed with Avast anti-virus is invalid, and it is creating the problem. You need to install it again by removing the Avast anti-virus suite.

  1. After uninstalling, open Control Panel from the Start menu. At the top with the right corner in the Control Panel, change the View as to Category. Now select the uninstall a program option under the programs section.
  2. While using the setting app, it is easy to open the list of all computer installed programs by merely clicking App.
  3. Search for Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package in settings or Control Panel, and hit Uninstall. You have to repeat the whole uninstalling process for every version of utility because there are many versions.
  4. Some instructions will appear along with the uninstallation wizard. You need to follow them after confirming some dialog boxes.
  5. When the process of uninstallation gets finish, press the Finish. As there are several versions of  Visual C ++ Package, so you have to repeat the complete process of reinstallation for every version through different links (must be secure). Download the version according to your processor.
  6. In the Windows folder, locate the downloaded file, run it. Now follow the instructions you see on screen to download the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package. Install Avast anti-virus again to check the removed error.